WSQ Change Management with Positive Intelligence


What's In It For Me

You will develop competencies in the following areas:


• Change management skills

• Stress management skills

• Emotional wellbeing (especially in the area of building mental fitness)

Course Overview

Learners will learn knowledge and skills to Implement change as well as mange the resultant stress, and build emotional strength to cope with the post-pandemic environment.


This programme incorporates the science of the Positive Intelligence (PQ) framework. The PQ tools and techniques synthesize the best practices in neuroscience, performance science and positive psychology into the two-day course. This programme is also accompanied by a PQ mobile-app that will allow learners to continuously build their neuro muscles for better mental fitness after the two-day course.

Mode of Trainings

Virtual Classroom (Full Time)

Mode of Assessment

Written short answer questions and case study

Who Should Attend

All occupational roles. Anyone who wishes to acquire a structured process to manage change at work or in their personal life.

The participant should ideally be a change agent or aspiring change leaders which may include but are not limited to


• Supervisors

• Executives

• Team Leaders

• Assistant Managers

• Managers

Course Duration

2 days + 6 weeks access to PQ app

Total Training Duration (Hour)

16 hours (including assessment)

Course Outline

Learners will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitude to apply change control procedures to prepare stakeholders for the change and to take ownership in building personal emotional strength to cope with stresses brought on by the changes. There are 5 topics covered in this course:


1. Understand Change

2. Plan for Change

3. Communicate Change

4. Implement Change

5. Monitor Change

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

WSQ Statement of Attainment (SOA)

Course Objectives

This courses aims to

  1. Present the internal and external factors driving organisational changes and the existing organisational change practices
  2. Provide a framework and process to plan for change and the relevant cost and resources
  3. Enable identification of impact of change on stakeholders, and develop a communication plan to bring them onboard the change
  4. Explain mechanisms to encourage participation and feedback to enhance the success of the change implementation
  5. Highlight the documentation process to control change and to capture change outcomes

Course Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:


  1. State the internal and external environment that drives changes in the organisation.
  2. Interpret the current organisational practices with regards to change.
  3. Identify opportunities for process improvement within own scope of work.
  4. Identify the associated costs and resources required to enable change implementation.
  5. Interpret the relevant stakeholders involved in change processes and the impact of change to them.
  6. Develop communication materials to prepare affected employees and stakeholders, which include key performance indicators and the various roles and responsibilities.
  7. Explain the importance of proactive participation in change management programme to stakeholders.
  8. Design the scope of individual discretion and freedom to feedback with regards to change.
  9. Provide suggestions to improve business processes and/or operations.
  10. Support implementation of change through provision of resources, training and rewards when required.
  11. Apply and document change control procedures based on endorsed changes.
  12. Produce documentary evidence of the impacts on workplace performance, processes and behaviors against key performance indicators.

  • possess at least O level qualification or demonstrate English listening and speaking skills at a proficiency level not lower than the ES WSQ Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5;
  • have at least 1 year of working experience; and
  • be in possession of their own smart phones with Wi-Fi or mobile data access and be able to download mobile application onto their smart phones.

Medium of Instruction & Trainer
  • Mini lecture
  • Video presentation
  • Storytelling
  • Technology-enabled learning
  • Fishbowl role play
  • Case study
  • Group discussion

Funding Information

SkillsFuture Training Grant

This is a WSQ course that is recognised for SkillsFuture Training Grant of 50% to 70%. Click on this link for more information: SkillsFuture Funding Changes | Education, Career and Personal Development (

SkillsFuture Absentee Payroll

Companies sponsoring your employees for this course will be able to claim absentee payroll if you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Click on this link for more information: Course Fee & Absentee Payroll Funding (

SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit

Companies who are eligible for SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit will be able to claim the $10,000 to pay for the 90% of the nett course fees. Click on this link for more information: SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (

SkillsFuture Credit

Self-sponsored individuals can apply for SkillsFuture Credit to pay for the nett course fees as long as you have balance credits in your account. Upon registration, you will be directed to the payment page, where you can click on 'Apply SkilsFuture Credit' to submit your application. Once your SFC application is approved, your seat will be automatically reserved. Click on this link for more information about SFC: SkillsFuture Credit | Education, Career and Personal Development (

*Refer to the pricing tab for the nett course fees payable.

Course Fee Payable
Original Fee w/o GST w GST
Course Fee $600.00 $600.00
Individual Pricing (Fee payable to Training Provider) w/o GST w GST
SkillsFuture PR & SC ≥ 21 and ≤ 39 yrs old $300.00 $300.00
SkillsFuture Midcareer SC ≥ 40 yrs old $180.00 $180.00
Corporate Pricing (Fee payable to Training Provider)
Non-SME w/o GST w GST
SkillsFuture PR/SC ≥ 21 and ≤ 39 yrs old $300.00 $300.00
SkillsFuture Mid Career SC ≥ 40 yrs old $180.00 $180.00
SkillsFuture PR/SC (all employees) $180.00 $180.00

Course fees shown are nett.

Please note that prices are subject to change
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